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Terms and conditions 


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Terms and conditions


Membership terms and conditions between you and Barre en l’air Pty Ltd, including its agents or employees (“Barre en l’air”)


Memberships are sold on a six-month or twelve-month contract, after which they renew automatically on a week-to-week basis. After your contract period expires, you are free to change or cancel your membership at any time by providing us with one week’s notice (see detailed conditions below).


You agree:

  • to pay your membership fee at the membership level you selected during the sign-up process, for the duration of the contract. If your chosen payment method declines, you agree that you are liable for any dishonour fees charged by your financial institution and Barre en l’air’s payment processor. At the time of writing (September 2018), Barre en l’air’s payment processor (Ezidebit) charges a $14.80 fee for dishonoured transactions.


  • that after your contract period expires you will continue to be billed at the same rate as your original plan until either you cancel your membership, select a different Barre en l’air membership, or Barre en l’air advises you of a change in fees (see below).


  • to provide Barre en l’air with one week’s notice of any change to or cancellation of your membership after your contract period expires. Please email requests for changes or cancellations to admin@barreenlair.com and note that depending on when in your billing cycle you send us notification, you may incur one final payment.  


  • that after your contract period expires, Barre en l’air reserves the right to revise your membership fee. Barre en l’air will give you at least one week’s notice of any proposed change to your fee, to allow you to decide whether to accept the change, choose a different membership level, or cancel your membership.
    • Founding members: as long as you maintain a current membership with Barre en l’air, you will continue to receive the same discount that you originally signed up with. That is, if you joined at a 20% discount, you will continue to receive a 20% discount on the current membership prices, as long as you maintain your membership.


  • that all memberships come with a 48-hour cooling-off period as required under Queensland law. Additionally, membership offers may include a period free-of-charge.


  • that Barre en l’air may suspend your membership while you have unpaid membership fees.


  • that Barre en l’air reserves the right to terminate your membership at any time and without warning for behaviour that harms our community, including but not limited to verbal or physical abuse of staff or other members, wilful damage to Barre en l’air property, or bringing illicit substances onto Barre en l’air premises. In case of such termination, you will be immediately liable for the unpaid value of your contract.


  • that you may suspend your membership for up to two weeks within any 12-month period by giving one week’s notice in writing to Barre en l’air by emailing admin@barreenlair.com. If you are on a contract, any time that you have suspended your membership during the contract period will be added to the duration of the contract.


  • that Barre en l’air reserves the right to add, substitute, or cancel classes or instructors from the class schedule at its sole discretion.


  • that participation in physical exercise has inherent risks, including risks to your personal health arising from the physical nature of classes and that:  
  • you participate in classes of your own free will and at your own risk.
  • you are aware of the fitness level required to undertake classes and accept all risks associated with your participation in them.
  • you will advise the instructor of any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries that might reasonably be expected to impact on your ability to participate safely in the classes you attend.
  • you understand that it is your responsibility to continuously monitor your own physical condition during classes and agree to notify the instructors if you are experiencing distress or pain.  
  • you will follow directions given by instructors during the classes.
  • To the maximum extent permitted by law you absolutely release and waive any claim you might otherwise have against Barre en l’air in respect of any injury, death, loss or damage you suffer as a result of my participation in the class.