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Happiness snapshot

How well do you understand your own happiness? How often do you consciously and mindfully make time to do the things that bring you joy?

Time to take a snapshot!

Estimated time for this exercise: 5–15 minutes.

  1. Download our free PDF worksheet
  2. Print it out (yes, old school. There’s value in writing with pen-and-paper instead of staring at yet another screen and typing…)
  3. Write in today’s date
  4. Circle the answers that best represent how you feel
  5. Fill in the short-response questions.

Ways to use the result:

  • Keep the worksheet somewhere safe to use as a reference next time you need to remind yourself of how to take charge of your own happiness
  • Talk about your insights with a family member, friend, or coach.
  • Revisit the exercise in a few months and compare results. What changed? Why?
photo: Valeria Boltneva

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