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Guest Blog: Katische Haberfield from Reclaim your life with Katische

This week’s guest blogger is Katische Haberfield from Reclaim your life with Katische

Hello, my name is Katische and this week I have been invited to talk to you about Perimenopause and Menopause. I’m a 43-year-old mother of two tween boys living in Brisbane. Last summer I began to transition into Perimenopause. As I began to experience some of the symptoms of perimenopause (hot flushes, weight gain, mood changes), I began to realise that NO ONE seems to talk about it.  

I mean, we might sit at the park and laughingly joke with our friends about our hot flushes, but that’s about it. So, I called a wise friend and asked her if she had any insight into the transition into menopause and if she could pass on any wisdom about it from her South African heritage. Had she learned anything from her mother?  

We spoke for over an hour, and she confided that I was the first person who had ever talked about the subject with her. I was quite surprised. 

Is this not something that you discuss with your best friends? Most of us have women around us who are similar in age and perhaps older and younger, so on average we should know someone who is transitioning into perimenopause and menopause.

Menopause is one of the great taboos. As a society, we have enough trouble talking to our children about sex, and to girls about their period. In fact, there are whole charities devoted to educating young girls and grown women about what their period is and how to take care of themselves from a hygiene perspective.

So, you can imagine, if collectively we have trouble talking about our periods, then how the hell do we talk about the time in a woman’s life when she transitions from having her period, to not having her period. It’s not just a medical fact of life, it’s a major milestone that comes with significant emotional, spiritual and physical changes for a woman. 

And, every woman on the planet will go through it, if she lives to be old enough. So why the secrecy? Why are women afraid to talk openly about what they are experiencing?  

Is it because we associate “menopause” with aging and therefore, if you are going through menopause, then you must be old? As a society we have been conditioned to believe that youth reigns supreme and aging must be hidden and stopped in its tracks.

We are afraid of showing signs of aging and we don’t value the wisdom that comes with aging. We value beauty and youth in a way that is disempowering to every man and woman on the planet. The changes we experience in our body are natural, and a part of the privilege of being alive for decades more than others.

So, I began to host workshops in Brisbane to explore the topic. As a former university lecturer in Marketing, there’s one thing that I am phenomenal at- research! It didn’t take me two degrees to realise that with an open and curious mind I could teach myself anything that I wanted to learn, as long as I sought out reputable sources of information. And so, I did. I scoured the internet, watched documentaries, read medical journals and asked questions. 

Then I digested this information and applied it to my own experience of perimenopause and turned that into empowering education.

You see I believe that every woman on the earth should know about how her body functions. She deserves to understand the lingo and medical terminology so that if she chooses to seek professional medical advice from her health practitioner that she walks into her appointment clear on what she is experiencing and asks for solutions. 

Too many women are faced with a 15-minute GP appointment and break down into a hot mess because they are overwhelmed with the emotion. They are tired of not being heard. Of not feeling well. Of being unsure of what is going on. And they are afraid that they are alone, and that no one else is experiencing the same. They want reassurance and peace of mind.

Historically even the medical profession has been in the dark about menopause. We women haven’t lived long enough for a start. And those of us who did became wise and powerful in their experiences in life, but with that power and knowledge mankind became afraid. 

We weren’t interested in the wisdom of the old women and we called them hags and crones, and witches. And we locked them up and burnt them at the stake. As a society we honoured the maiden and the mother but never the crone.

It’s time to change that. If we are blessed enough to live a long life, then we have value to give. We have grown and changed and seen so many things. We have experienced joy and sorrow and hardship and triumph. And we know the seasons, and when to worry and when to cry and when to relinquish control and to let go.

So, won’t you join me? Learn about the changes that your body goes through from age 35. Perimenopause is simply the time in which your body begins the decrease in production of estrogen and other sex hormones.  Your body is no longer concerned with reproducing and being a nurturer. It will transition to the next phase of life when it judges it is your time. And that can vary for every woman.

It is not a time to be afraid of. Yes, there will be many physical symptoms that you may experience as your body adjusts to the changes in hormone levels, and your brain experiences chemical changes as great as the transition into teenagerhood. 

But knowledge is power, and when you know what may be ahead you can be prepared, and alert and you can rest in the understanding that you have the ability to take charge and manage your own experience, with or without medical intervention, according to your desires.

It’s a time of great change, but with all great change comes new beginnings to be excited about.

I hope you will join me.

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