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Guest blog: Amy Crow from FUTURE=FEMALE+FRIENDS

[Amy is a Brisbane artist and the creator of the FUTURE=FEMALE fashion brand. She was one of the artists recently featured in the Praise You exhibition of women artists. You can see one of her prints, “Every Woman For Every Woman” in our studio at Barre en l’air. Follow her on Insta as @amycrow_design]

📷 Christian Nimri

My name is Amy Crow — I’m a Brisbane born and raised multidisciplinary creative- meaning, I work creatively across a few different industries. I’m primarily a Graphic Designer and Hairdresser. I’m also a visual artist and illustrator, photographer, writer, make up artist and UX designer. My over arching goal is to empower and help others while create quality content that I enjoy putting out into the world.

I keep getting asked about the Brisbane creative scene — mainly in relation to other cities like Melbourne. The thing with Melbourne is — yes it’s an awesome city, and there are more people and I think a lot of people have the idea that more people + bigger city = more opportunity. I don’t think they’re wrong, but I think they’re underestimating the levels of competition within the opportunity. Now take Brisbane — we’re in a massive period of growth, we’ve done nothing but grow exponentially for the past ten to fifteen years! I’m 30, I’ve been hanging in this city since I was allowed to at about 15. The way this city has changed is immense, we have so much culture here, more than you might think. I speak to Melbournites and Sydney-siders, people even from the Gold Coast and they all are in agreement that Brisbane has come a long long way — in every sense; retail, coffee, experiences, bars and quality events — and it’s not different in the deeper creative culture too. Brisbane’s creative scene is honestly so incredible. We have so much organic home grown skill and talent here. We have a lot of driving forces here! Small creative businesses that are really pushing to get out, get known and get connected to others! I think we’re taught to think Brisbane is still a small town and we have a lot of growing to do — but we shouldn’t forget for a second that we are growing and it’s not slowing down anytime soon! Which means, this is the perfect time to claim your stake in the process!

I’ve been running the unisex apparel brand FUTURE=FEMALE since late 2017 and FUTURE=FEMALE+FRIENDS shops since August last year. In that time I’ve run four (soon to be five) bricks and mortar pop ups in Winn Lane, California Lane and next door to Paper Moon Cafe. I’ve hosted approximately 40 creatives — mostly from Brisbane, some from GC, some from Sydney and some from Melbourne join in on the shops. The level of quality, care and craftsmanship is insane! I’m constantly blown away. Not only that — but when you see a creative who’s hungry to make something happen — it’s an amazing sight to behold.

I recently went to Japan. It was so interesting, the retail scene over there is either imported from USA (mainly NY), vintage and really only some independent designers. I spent most of my days over three weeks looking through retail stores, that’s what I was there for primarily, to see how Japan was doing things and if there was something I could learn, take away and adapt to our scene here in Brisbane. I think I found several stores where the design and printing and the product I really connected with. The rest? I can’t even remember. I was truthfully expecting to see a huge amount of incredibly mind blowing stuff — and really what I got was a small amount of insanely cool stuff, but it really wasn’t to the scale I was expecting, or to the scale I see here in Brisbane.

If you’re a creative wanting to start your own venture, now is the time, right now we’re growing and expanding and people are willing to make connections and we’re starting to see so much more genuine support for one another! The next FUTURE=FEMALE+FRIENDS pop up is called TURN IT UP! Which is something I definitely believe we do here in Bris and it will be in Winn Lane, September 3rd – 8th during BIG SOUND!


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