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Barre FAQ

What is barre?

Barre is a style of fitness class that has its roots in ballet, but it’s not a dance class. Instead, barre uses some of the movements and techniques of ballet and combines them with other movements derived from pilates and yoga to create an all-over body toning and strengthening class. 

I’ve never done barre or ballet before. Do you cater to beginners?

Yes! Absolutely! No prior experience of any kind is needed. Our classes are small, so our instructors can offer you personalised attention. 

I’m working on getting fit again, but I haven’t exercised in a while. Will I be OK? 

Yes. Our classes accommodate a very wide range of fitness levels, and our instructors can offer modifications to the exercises to adjust the challenge level. If you have an illness or injury, or are pregnant or have recently given birth, please let your instructor know so they can help you exercise safely. 


Do you have to be really flexible to do barre?

This might be our most frequently asked question of all! And the answer is: No! (but if you stick with it a while, you might become so!) 

What should I wear?

Clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in: your normal activewear. We don’t wear shoes in class, and most members prefer to exercise in bare feet, although socks are optional. Our floors are very smooth, so if you do want to wear socks, we recommend pilates or yoga-style “grip socks” with the sticky dots on the sole. 

Is there anything else I should bring? 

You might want to bring a water bottle and a sweat towel, but these are not essential. 

Can I ask you something else?

We’d love to hear from you! You can email us at admin@barreenlair.com or send us a message via Facebook.