At       Barre en l’air we believe that movement is more than just exercise — it is joy • that energies are contagious • that there is beauty in simplicity • that we create our own happiness • that what we seek is seeking us • in being kind always • that we’re each a limited edition • that life is beautiful • in making the most out of every sunrise • that there is always, always something to be grateful for • in saying “yes” to new adventures • that your tribe always has your back, and that…



Hi! I’m Rudi! On New Year’s day 2015, I made a resolution to change my life. A combination of a completely sedentary career and a steady diet of junk food had resulted in me weighing 143kg and profoundly uncomfortable in my own skin. A complete life transformation saw me shed 63 of those kilos, discover the pleasure of eating healthily, and find joy in all kinds of movement I had never tried before. In particular, Zumba taught me the joy of dance-based movement, and created a powerful appetite for more. Zumba led to barre, and barre led to ballet and now to this partership with Lydia in bringing Barre en l’air to life. I’d love you to join me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.